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Client Intake for Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist

Client Intake for Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist

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Streamline your physical therapy practice with our physical therapist and occupational therapist patient intake form. This tool simplifies the client onboarding process, ensuring you gather crucial information efficiently. Enhance organization, save time, and prioritize data security while delivering top-notch care. Elevate your practice today with our instant download – invest in efficiency and client satisfaction. Fillable PDF.

Sections of Form:
Patient Information
Primary Insurance
Secondary Insurance
Medical History (human outline included)
Pain Scale
Medical Conditions
Goals for Treatment
Additional Information
(drop downs and check boxes for quick note taking)

⭐️ Ways to Use ⭐️
✔️ Printable - just print and start writing
✔️ Digital Download
          - Tablet: reMarkable, iPad, etc.
- Use in your favorite digital app like GoodNotes, Notability etc.         
- Computer/laptop – get free Adobe Acrobat Reader
✔️ Easy to use fillable PDF - Please refer to the photos for the fillable areas.  All fields shaded in blue will not show as blue when printed.  Use tab key to get to next field.

US Letter 8.5x11

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